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Water leaks in Cars - Leak Detection

Leaky roofs and sun roofs? We can help find and fix.

Valeting for Used Car Buyers

how you can make a used car look like a new car.

Valeting for New Car Buyers

to protect your investment, keep it looking new.

Valeting for those Selling a Car - pre-sales

how preparation helps you get more money for your car.

Prep for Lease and Contract Hire Cars

Our Valet and Smart Repair Services help you avoid refurbishment re-charges. Lease Return Guide - Essential reading!

Luxury and Sports Cars

A range of specialist services to look after your pride and joy.

Specialist Valeting Services

the most comprehensive range of valet services in the UK.

Fire & Flood Restoration

special services including odour kill.

Commercial Vehicle Valeting

Get more miles out of your fleet. Save your company money

Car Preparation for Export or Storage

cleaning, disinfecting, protecting, making safe.

Paint Sealants

Protection makes your car easier to clean and stay younger for longer.

Smart Repair

Small to medium repair techniques, cheaper than bodyshop repairs.

Leather Connolising

Refinishing for discoloured, stained, worn and scuffed leather.

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New: Insurance Emergency Restoration Concrete Removal and paint overspray
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I am in rayleigh and the front seats of my BMW look tatty especially the drivers seat. Please advise... [more]
I have a 1993 Cavalier and, even though the car is worth nothing, it is very reliable and I can't afford to replace it... [more]
Dear Gary I collected my new CX7 last Friday, following sales clear coat 5 year shield application... [more]
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Rain water leaking into a car car ~ The Renault Clio is well know for leaks, usually it's the sun roof, but this example had a different problem. We set about trying to find why water was leaking into the car and soaking the carpets.

Rain water leaking into a car car

What to do when you have spilt paint in your car ~ Using wet towels to keep the paint from drying will make a clean-up easier. Once the spilt paint has dried everything becomes so much harder, parts may need replacing and these could take a long time to arrive.

What to do when you have spilt paint in your car

Paint Spillage and Insurance Claims ~ Many paint spillages can be cleaned up for less that the cost of your insurance exess, but it may be worth calling them anyway to let them know what is going and keep you option open. Either way if you bring your car to us we will get to work straight away meaning you will get your car back far more quickly than you would making a normal insurance claim.

Paint Spillage and Insurance Claims

D.I.Y. Car Paint Spillage Clean ~ If the paint is water based emulsion, then it is possible to clean up a paint spillage by mopping up, then slowly diluting and vacuum up the paint.

D.I.Y. Car Paint Spillage Clean

Supagard Fabric Protection ~ This video demonstrates how Supagard Fabric Protector will protect a card made from thick blotting paper. We dip it in coffee and stomp on it in a puddle.

Supagard Fabric Protection

Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from a Car ~ This video shows us using a fogging machine as part of the process of removing the odour of cigarette smoke from this BMW. We use 'pairing', whereby we add a smell which instead of masking the odour, combines with it to make a slightly different smell.

Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from a Car

Why people end up paying recharge bills for damage ~ The things that catch people out when they return a lease car. We talked to over 30 lease company and fleet managers, asking them what drivers normally get charged for.

Why people end up paying recharge bills for damage
Most requested services

Diamondbrite Diamondbrite is a paint sealant package which includes an interior fabric treatment, and of course an exterior polymer coating to seal in the new car, protecting your paintwork for 6 years (or more). If you are keeping your car more than 3 years and don't enjoy waxing... take a look!

Paintless Dent Removal The solution for those small dents and dings that you pick up in the supermarket car park. As long as the paintwork isn't broken, we can push those dents back out again, you will never have know they were ever there!

Car Scratch Repair Scrapes and scratches can seriously devalue your car, but can be surprisingly easy to remove. We can polish out even quite deep scratches.

Odour Removal - Smoke odours, damp and mould, spilt milk, Indian take-aways, petrol and pet smells. There are many things that can cause your car to pen and ink. We can remove these odours by means of special chemical treatments or enzymes -- we don't mask odour, we remove it.

Stone Chip Repair Cars that do lots of motorway miles can pick up dozens, if not hundred of stone chips. Each chip in it's self is usually so small that people tend to overlook this kind of damage and just accept it as inevitable. But having stone chips repaired with the correctly matched paint can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your car.
Chips can also lead to rust which can be the beginning of the end for your car - so even one should be viewed as a problem that needs addressing - read our stone chip article.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment A good car can really be let down by scuffed, tarnished and tatty wheels. Replacing a whole alloy wheel can cost hundreds of pounds, but repairing the damaged area or refurbishing the whole wheel can cost a fraction of that amount.

Leather Repair and Recolouring This is an unusual service which is in high demand on executive cars, we offer repair and recolouring using only original Connolly techniques and materials, making our repairs more hardwearing than modern methods - Leather fragrance treatment. See our special offers page

Valeting & Car Care Trade secrets - Tip of the Day
The impact from flies and insects can score and even chip the paintwork on the front of your car. Waxing the car will help, if you struggle to find the time to wax your car, why not just wax the front? Of course, a paint sealant will mean you won't need to worry about waxing your car or bug impacts!

Bonus Tip: Cleaning your car is a bit like cleaning your teeth. We hope you clean your teeth at least twice a day, and your car once every couple of weeks. This takes care of the regular maintenance but it isn't enough on it's own. A couple of times a year you will go to the dentist for a good clean and polish. It's the same with your car... you will get stains and build-ups of dirt in hard to reach places which are very difficult to remove with the kind of products you can get at the motor accessory shop. If you can't get your car to a valeters at least once a year, then at least take it to a garage or self-service car wash that has pressure washers so that you can pay special attention to the door shuts and other places that don't get cleaned on a regular wash.

Corvette Z06
Car of the Week
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
9th April 2011
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